WordPress slideshow – Sort your images by shooting date


Do you need to sort your images or photography by shooting date ? If you are a photograph, you may need do that to show the wedding photos to your clients. Or do you need to play your holidays photos into a slidehow in your WordPress website ?

No problem ! You can do that very easily with Slideshow CK.

  1. Upload your photos into a folder in your website
  2. Select the folder from the Slideshow CK plugin
  3. Select the shooting date sorting in the options and save the slideshow
  4. Publish your slideshow  using a shortcode or a widget

That’s it ! Easy as pie.

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Switch your slides ON/OFF in your WordPress Slideshow

on off bulb

You can create a slideshow for WordPress very easily in few clicks using Slideshow CK. Just add your slides, order them and publish your slideshow using one of the method

  • widget
  • shortcode
  • PHP code

The new feature introduced in the version 1.4.4 allows you to simply disable some slides in your slideshow. You can still see them in admin, configure them but they will not be loaded in front. Interesting feature from Slideshow CK  because you can configure multiple slides and enable them only when needed : Christmas, discounts, Black Friday …

Use premade slides and enable them only when you want. In the slideshow edition you just have to click on the ON/OFF button to change the state of each slide :



Download Slideshow CK for WordPress



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Use some tooltips in your WordPress website


If you need to give some clarifications to your visitors it could be useful to have some tooltips. Instead of using a popup or a link to redirect the page and leave the current content, you can simply show them your informations into a tooltip.

It is very easy to add a tooltip in your WordPress website and you can add it on any word, image, link or what you want. By putting the mouse over the area, it will show a small box with the content of the tooltip.

Example of a tooltip in a WordPress page or post :


Using the plugin Tooltip CK you can create your tooltips in a fast and easy way just by writing them into the editor.

You can place any html code like text, image, links directly inside it.

You can also use the Tooltip CK options to give the style your want to your tooltips, like the color, size, borders, effect, duration …

There are many settings that you can play with to get the desired result and offer to your visitor a really great experience.

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WP Plugins CK becomes CeiKay

Some of you already know that the CK plugins (for Joomla! and WordPress) exists since years. They are separated into 2 websites

  • https://www.joomlack.fr is the place where you can find all CK extensions for Joomla!
  • https://www.wp-pluginsck.com is (was) the place where to find the CK plugins for WordPress. The right place to find now your WordPress plugins from CK is https://www.ceikay.com


Why the website has moved ?


The goal is to offer you a totally new place specific to WordPress, realized with WordPress and Woocommerce.

This gives us the opportunity to develop new plugins used on ceikay.com and we want to share with you the new name CeiKay which is now the reference for all our WordPress plugins.

CeiKay is also a place where you can find more advanced services, like a CSS customization and plugin development. This means that you can easily ask for a new feature into our existing plugins, or ask for a totally new plugin.

We can also assist you to create the needed CSS code, debug your CSS issues, for any of your projects.

Don’t hesitate to send us a Service Request.


What about your existing subscriptions ?


If you already have subscribed on https://www.wp-pluginsck.com and that your subscription is stil active, please do the following :

  1. Create a new user account on https://www.ceikay.com/my-account
  2. Send us a message to ask for your subscription migration with the following details
    1. your username on wp-pluginsck.com
    2. your username on ceikay.com
    3. the products that you have subscribed for

You don’t have to pay again if your subscription is still active ! We will give you access to the new products for the remaining time of your subscription.

Thank you for your patience, we hope that you will get a great experience in the new CeiKay world.


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