Use some tooltips in your WordPress website


If you need to give some clarifications to your visitors it could be useful to have some tooltips. Instead of using a popup or a link to redirect the page and leave the current content, you can simply show them your informations into a tooltip.

It is very easy to add a tooltip in your WordPress website and you can add it on any word, image, link or what you want. By putting the mouse over the area, it will show a small box with the content of the tooltip.

Example of a tooltip in a WordPress page or post :


Using the plugin Tooltip CK you can create your tooltips in a fast and easy way just by writing them into the editor.

You can place any html code like text, image, links directly inside it.

You can also use the Tooltip CK options to give the style your want to your tooltips, like the color, size, borders, effect, duration …

There are many settings that you can play with to get the desired result and offer to your visitor a really great experience.

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