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Create an amazing mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface.




Device detection

Select if you want to show the mobile menu depending on a resolution value, or if you want to activate the device detection to show it only on tablet or phone.

Multi compatibility

Use your mobile menu with many menu modules : native menu (mod_menu), Maximenu CK, Accordeon Menu CK, or use a custom PHP or JS function to target any menu in your page.

Styling interface

Use a dedicated interface to style your menu. Give the colors, margins, borders and what you want and see the result directly in the instant preview. You can also use the themes presets to have a one click designed applied to your mobile menu.

Options integration

Don’t waste your time to switch between multiple screens, the mobile menu options will be integrated directly in the menu options. In the same page you can activate the mobile menu, select every option, and style it in the interface. (coming soon feature)

Multiple presets

Speed up your work with more than 10 presets that you can choose and apply in one click. Then use the styling options to change any value for what you want.

No limit

Create as many styles as you want, create as many menus as you want. You can also apply the same style to multiple menus just by selecting your style in the list. For each menu you can choose to have different options, like you want.

Export / Import

Save your work and reuse it on your other websites. Directly from the styling interface you can click on the export button and you will get a file that contains the data. You can then import it in the interface of another website.(coming soon feature)


Every language string that is used in the Mobile Menu CK can be translated in any language. You can also create one menu per language in your website and activate a mobile menu for each of them to have a full multilanguage website.
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Mobile Menu CK is the perfect solution for all your mobile menus.


Use existing menus, or create any custom menu.
It is touch ready and user friendly.
Give it the look you want for your website using its amazing styling interface. Don’t waste your time to go in multiple screens, just enable your mobile menu with 1 click.



Easy styling

You don’t need to know about CSS coding, Mobile Menu CK offers you a complete and easy to use interface to create the design you need.Style your menu module directly from the module options, no need to switch with another screen, save your style and it applies immediately.

Are you a developper ?

Use the CSS override technique to load your own theme from the template automatically !

Read more about the styling feature





Merging feature

Do you need to show multiple menus into one single mobile menu ? Then Mobile Menu CK can help you thanks to the merging feature included.

Just one click to enable your first menu, and 2 other clicks to enable the second menu and merge it.

Read more about the merging feature



For developpers

Mobile Menu CK is not only a Joomla! extension, it is made for any usage. You can call it using Javascript or PHP directly from your template or any other place in your website. Call your menu from the PHP files of the template and use the override technique in your theme, with no need of the user action to make it work and looks like you want.

Read the documentation for PHP

Read the documentation for Javascript



How does the plugin works

Depending on the window resolution or device type detection, the menu will take place in the page :

  • The standard menu will be hidden
  • A new mobile menu bar will appear in the page where you can click to open the the mobile menu





Light version

PHP / JS features

Activation in the menu options

Default theme

CSS Override(coming soon feature)

Forum support

Styling / Design interface

Themes included

Custom menu creation

Merging feature

Fast menu activation

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates


Pro version

PHP / JS features

Activation in the menu options(coming soon feature)

Default theme

CSS Override(coming soon feature)

Forum support

Styling / Design interface

Themes included

Custom menu creation

Merging feature(coming soon feature)

Fast menu activation(coming soon feature)

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates

19 €


Read the full online documentation