Service request

Do you need a custom service ? This is the place to be.

What we can do

We are specialized in Web Development like HTML, CSS, Javascript and we can create custom code for you.

We can also develop small plugins / modules for your projects, for WordPress or Joomla!.

Examples of services :

  • Specific design (look and feel) of any element in your page, like a menu, a contact form, or anything else. The design will be developped in CSS according to your own mockup / graphic theme
  • Alignment of your items into columns
  • Responsive design adaptation of an existing or new project to make your texts and images behave correctly on all screens
  • CSS debugging to give you the keys to change the look or to fix any CSS issue in your page


Examples of development :

  • WordPress shortcode plugin to make easy replacement
  • WordPress widget to render your data in your sidebars
  • Customization of an existing CeiKay plugin (integration with other plugins to load data, adding an option …)
  • Joomla! modules to publish your content in your website
  • Joomla! plugins to add interaction


What we can not do

We don’t do

  • Everything that is related the design (graphics, mockups)
  • Documentations
  • Hosting / server maintenance


How it works

  1. Send us a message with few details. Don’t write 2000 lines, just what is necessary to describe your project. Any image, or example is welcome to show quickly what shall be done.
  2. We will answer as soon as possible after examinating your request
    1. We decline : we send you a message in a short delay to inform you so that you can continue to search for someone else
    2. We are interested : we contact you back by email to ask more details and finalize the informations
  3. Once all is clear we give you a price and delay and all informations about the project

We reserve the right to decline any request if we are not interested.

We only work by email. Skype, phone, Facebook or any other way to communicate is not accepted.

Something that is not clearly stated in your request can be not requested later for the same amount of time and money.

We can communicate in English or French

Our concept

  • A good work must be well paid
  • Don’t work for money. Work with passion
  • Don’t do what you don’t want to do
  • A happy user makes me happy
  • Something that works correctly is time saver and money saver
  • A button does what it is programmed for, not what you think it is
  • If the button does not do what you think, then it is probably bad programmed


You are welcome to send your request using the contact form, we will keep you informed quickly.

Thank you.


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